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This page should only be tagged for appearance in issues where at least three or more members of the Batman Family appear together or. From left to right: Jason Todd(Red Hood), Tim Drake(now Wayne, Red Robin), Damian Wayne(Robin), Dick Grayson(Nightwing), Bruce Wayne(Batman), Kate. Batman Family was an American comic book series published by DC Comics comic book which ran from to , primarily featuring stories starring  No. of issues ‎: ‎20, then 15 more as part of ‎ Dete. She met her potential demise at the hands of her father when attempting to double cross him. The Nail series DC Comics Two Thousand Created Equal Act of God Destiny Age of Wonder JLA: Storylines are listed in publication order. Bruce was left in charge of raising Damian, who became a valuable member of the team. Allen was an agnostic who doubted the existence of God in spite of his family's strong faith.

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Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. General Information Team Name Batman Family. She was finally brought under the tutelage of the Bat when she proved useful in saving the family from the clutches of the Hatter. Gotham City The Batman Family operates like a network of similarly-minded superheroes who operate in and around Gotham, with Batman as its head. Maggin and artist Mike Grell unleashed 'The Invader From Hell'. In the New 52, much of Helena's character history is no longer intact. Languages Italiano Edit links.

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For the prompt "sleep cuddling". Jean-Paul was later rehabilitated and became a member of the Batman Family operating under his old alias Azrael, but he was killed by Carlton LeHah at the end of his solo series. When Bruce was presumed dead following the events of Final Crisis , Dick took on the mantle of the Bat to keep Gotham safe in his absence. Batman, Superman, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayan, Tim Drake. Gotham County Line Batman: Justice Riders Justice League Elite JLA: Bulletgirl Bulletman Captain Marvel Captain Marvel Jr. Generally follows the plot of Batman and Robin, Batman Inc stuff. Blüdhaven Lazarus Pit Santa Prisca. Throne of Atlantis Batman Unlimited: Since this page's predecessor had been abused by editors, there will be a stricter protocol regarding associations and appearances for this page that have to be followed. Batman became a loner once again, Robin went to college as the "Teen Wonder" and Batgirl continued her solitary activities. She eventually retired as Batwoman, although still occasionally donning the costume to help out Batgirl every now and then. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. In other examples, Ivy has several chances to kill Batman. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Amazo Anti-Monitor Darkseid Deathstroke Despero Doctor Destiny Doctor Light Doomsday Eclipso Felix Faust The General Imperiex Joker Kanjar Ro The Key Lex Luthor Libra Maxwell Lord Professor Ivo Prometheus Queen Bee Queen of Fables Sinestro Starro T.

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Injustice 2 : Batman Vs Bat Family - All Intro/Outros, Clash Dialogues, Super Moves Jim retired several months after NML, bat family but returned to duty in the One Year Later storyline. Most changes are approved within a few hours. Edit this wiki page Follow. She was later introduced in the New 52 as Spoiler, joining forces with Batman when her father threatened to kill her and bring Gotham to its knees. Blüdhaven Lazarus Pit Santa Prisca. Harvey Free casino slot games for ipad was brought in to be a pain in the side of commissioner Gordon, but after accidentally causing a heart attack, his character repented, and has been a near constant presence since. No changes were submitted, nothing was done!