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The Finny Frenzy is a periodic event in Dark Cloud 2. It becomes The water in each tank is slightly different, and will have an effect on the fish's performance. The Barrel Cannon II. Barrel Cannon III Its in-game description reads: "Made from a water barrel, but it doesn't shoot water!" Barrel; Water Tank ; Waterfall. on the strategy guide it says at finny frenzy. i have never seen that place in palm brinks. musta spent 30 mins looking for it. Also how do you get.

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Getting All the Monster Transformation Badges - Let's Play Dark Cloud 2 [P67] Weapon Shop Restored Starlight temple restored Blinkhorn resides in valley 30 culture points obtained Take a picture of the large scale that the fish are weighed on in the center of the tent. A Blue Light on the wall of Milane's Weapon Shop in Palm Brinks. Take a picture of the turning windmill on top of the grass huts on the cliffs above the broken railroad track. You can find both right around the outside of Cedric's Shop. Take a pic of his new look before you beat him. Go inside the tent and take a picture of the first, second and third place stand near the large electronic screen on one side of the tent. Shield Palm Brinks Weapon Shop On the shelf. In the courtyard of Moon Flower Palace in Chapter 7. This is the largest Ridepod fuel holder in the game. Nov 11, 03 at 1: For a picture of a Generator you'll want to build the Generator Georama element once you reach Heim Rada and take a picture of it. It is a group of gray cans outside Polly's Bakery in Palm Brinks. Or if you build a Chimney and place it via a Georama element you can take a photograph of it this way. Vending Machine Mortons Sundries Next to door, on Maxs right as you enter. When you enter and go up the short stairs into the room, the phone is below the camera angle at the top of those stairs. Take a picture of any of the bridges. Barons Hangin' On Underground Water Channel The Vanguard is a mech enemy being driven prosieben spiele kostenlos a Baron Balloon. U Pikmin 3 Super Mario 3D World Super Smash Bros. Take a picture of the fence around Max's House in Palm Brinks. If it is between those times start taking picture of the boulder and you should see a white fog. Create the Starlight Stairs Georama piece and take a picture of the stairs. This picture is fairly difficult to take. Take a picture of the wooden pier on the pond which is across the drawbridge in Palm Brinks. Build the Warehouse Georama piece and take a picture of it. Build the Iron House Georama piece and go inside. Artboard 6 Copy 4.

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The cup can be seen at the bar. If you're too close you won't be able to get the picture before you get knocked off your feet. Build the nose tree Georama piece and take a picture of ir. It is near the wall on the right when you are facing away from the door. Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is an open paint can on the floor near the stairs in Parn's Studio. Dran King's Curse Dark Genie Halloween Rainbow Butterfly Dark Element. dark cloud 2 water tank In Future Heim Rada. Find a Masked Tribesman monster and stand close to him and defend. Take a picture of one the blue crystals on top of the pillars in the Garden floor of the dungeon. Take a picture of the lights near the ceiling on the Sun Chamber floor of the dungeon. Take a picture of one of the geysers around town. Take a picture of the large crystal over the counter. Forgot your username or password?